Perfect Party Room for Your Event

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Are you looking for a great place to host your next event? From birthday parties to graduations, and more, we have the perfect spot for your next gathering. Our party room is the perfect spot for large groups.

Have Your Own Space

There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching a restaurant, only to realize that there’s not enough room for your party. If you have a large group, it may be difficult to seat your entire party together; or you may find yourself needing to maneuver around tight spaces to get to your table, even if enough tables have been rearranged to make it happen.

Not when you rent the party room. The entire room is just for your group, which means that there’s plenty of seats for everyone at the tables and plenty of room to move around and chat when your meal is finished. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about other people stuck in the middle of your gathering.

Make Sure the Room is Waiting on You

When you arrive at a restaurant with a big group, you may have to wait a long time to get seated. When you rent the party room ahead of time, on the other hand, you’ll have a room waiting for you when you arrive–and that means that you’ll be able to get your meal and make it out of the restaurant in decent time, rather than standing around waiting while your stomach rumbles.

Set Up for Your Event

Do you want to add a few balloons or bring out a special cake for the birthday boy or girl? Do you have a stunning proposal planned that might require a little more attention to detail? If you contact us ahead of time, we can provide more information about how much customization we can allow–and even help you set up for your special event.

Ready to get set up for your special event? Contact us today to book the party room at Harbor House.

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