Scrumptious Desserts

 In Seafood and Steakhouse Dining

Looking for a little something sweet to round off your dinner (or to make up your dinner–we don’t judge!)? Our sweet desserts menu is the perfect way to end your meal. Everyone deserves a little something sweet in their lives–and our scrumptious dessert menu will help make it happen.

Round Off the Meal with Desserts

Imagine that you’ve just finished the perfect meal: golden mushrooms, perfectly breaded as the starter; popcorn shrimp, or perhaps a steak, as your meal of choice. Now, you’re looking for the perfect little something sweet to round off your meal. What will you choose? At Harbor House, we believe that the end of the meal is every bit as important as the start–and we want to help you find the perfect way to end your meal. Choose from our extensive dessert menu: chocolate, pie, and more can help you enjoy the meal even more!

Crowd Favorite: Key Lime Pie

Looking for a preview of what you can expect when you check out our dessert menu? Our key lime pie is a customer favorite. A smooth, creamy filling in a light, delicious crust is the perfect way to finish out your meal–especially with that fantastic tart note that will have your taste buds singing. This key lime pie is perfectly sized for eating on your own or sharing a few bites with someone special at your table–but we’ll warn you now, you may want one all to yourself. In fact, you may even want to take a slice home to enjoy tomorrow!

Want to learn more about our offerings, including our amazing dessert menu? At Harbor House, we aim to please all of our customers–and we’d love to answer any questions you have about the menu. Contact us¬†today to learn more about our restaurant or our menus.

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