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Johnson City might be landlocked, but that doesn’t mean it’s cut off from delicious seafood! The daily specials menu at Harbor House Seafood and Steaks provides patrons with plenty of chances to sample a wide selection of fish, shrimp, and chicken at unbeatable prices.

Before you dive into reading about our lineup of daily specials, keep in mind that every option is served with slaw, hush-puppies, and either a baked potato or fries. You can switch out the potato or fries with a sweet potato for an additional 50 cents, or get your greens by adding one trip to the salad bar for only $3.49 extra. You won’t leave hungry when you take advantage of our daily specials menu!

Enjoy Whitefish on Mondays

If you like whitefish, you’ll love Mondays at Harbor House! For $9.99, you can get three delicious pieces of perfectly cooked Alaskan whitefish. Want to mix things up a little? Add one dollar more to get two pieces of whitefish plus a savory serving of either popcorn shrimp or fried chicken tenders.

Tuesdays are for Tenders and Tilapia

Craving chicken tenders or tasty tilapia? You’ll definitely want to stop by on Tuesdays! For $10.99, you can enjoy our hand-breaded chicken tenders or two pieces of tilapia with a serving of popcorn shrimp. Leaning less toward seafood and more toward poultry? Get a heaping helping of our chicken tenders for only $8.99.

Fill Up on Flounder and Catfish on Wednesdays

Got the mid-week blues? There’s no reason to wait for the weekend to treat yourself to delectable seafood! Our Wednesday specials feature three pieces of either farm-raised catfish or skinless, boneless flounder for only $9.99. If you’re craving some shrimp on the side, you can add a dollar to get two pieces of fish plus a serving of popcorn shrimp.

Thursdays are All About Popcorn Shrimp and Tilapia

Crisp, salty, and encompassing everything great about seafood, popcorn shrimp is the highlight of the Thursday special at Harbor House. Enjoy a regular platter of popcorn shrimp for only $9.99, or bump it up to the large size for only $5.00 extra. If shrimp’s not your thing, try our tilapia special! For $8.49, you get three generous pieces of skinless, boneless, flavor-packed tilapia. Yum!

Ask About Our Friday and Saturday Specials

Our restaurant serves so many scrumptious dishes, we need to leave room for some variety at the end of the week! If you stop by Harbor House on Friday or Saturday, simply ask our friendly waitstaff what the specials are for that day. They’ll be happy to let you know what our chefs have cooking!

Harbor House Seafood and Steaks has been offering Tennesseans an amazing menu packed with tasty dishes since 1991. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting our restaurant yet, come on down to our location at 2510 N. Roan Street in Johnson City. Feel free to contact us with any questions ahead of time!

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