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The history of the Po’Boy sandwich originated in New Orleans. It is often called the Poor Boy sandwich.  It was created by two brothers, the Martins, in New Orleans to feed streetcar workers that went on strike. Another version of this story claims, the two brothers opened a shop and sold sandwiches served on French bread with different fillings their customers requested. During the Depression, many poor boys loved  this tasty inexpensive sandwich called Po’ Boys.

A Po’Boy is served on crispy French bread called a baguette. The outside crust remains crispy and the inside soft. They fill this delicious sandwich with fried or grilled seafood, shrimp, chicken, oysters, bacon, or beef. This sandwich is served hot. Sometimes, called an oyster loaf, or fried oyster sandwich it originated in cities like San Francisco.

Our specialty seafood or chicken Po’Boy sandwiches are served with baked potato or fries and coleslaw. They make a delicious sandwich for lunch or dinner with co-workers, when dining  out with family or friends, or for club meetings. We have five different Po’Boy sandwiches to choose from. Add the salad bar, before the sandwich platters arrives for a complete meal.

The Catfish Po’Boy has seasoned fried catfish on toasted French bread with cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes. Our Shrimp Po’Boy has  seasoned fried or butterflied shrimp fried topped with crispy smoked bacon, spicy Cajun coleslaw, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on toasted French bread.

Our Buffalo Po’Boy has spicy shrimp or chicken, fried and soaked in hot buffalo wing sauce. It is served on toasted French bread with blue cheese coleslaw, and veggies. Try our Oyster Po’Boy with fried oysters, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, Cajun coleslaw on a toasted French roll. The Combo Po’Boy is stuffed with juicy shrimp and oysters and plenty of cheese. It is topped with crispy bacon, and Cajun coleslaw, on a toasted French roll.

Before coming for lunch or dinner take a look at our online menu. Don’t forget, we have takeout services and you can call to order off the menu at 423-282-5122 or  contact us

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