How much seafood can you eat?

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Try the Skipper’s Feast, and you’ll find out. As our menu says, you’d better be hungry. This is the meal for seafood lovers. Featuring Alaskan whitefish, popcorn shrimp, oysters, scallops, deviled crab and butterfly shrimp, it’s a taste of the ocean, the whole ocean. Fresh slaw and crispy hush puppies paired with your choice of baked potato or fries will complete this feast for $32.99. Eat up!

How about the special?

For $20.99 you can indulge in the Harbor House Special and add clam strips to your Alaskan whitefish, popcorn shrimp, oysters, scallops and deviled crab served with all the extras. If you want a healthier option than your potato, you can upgrade to a succulent sweet potato instead. It’s a big meal, so save room.

Too much?

If all that is just a bit much, you can try the Captain’s Combo and see if it’s more manageable. Again, you’ll get golden brown Alaskan whitefish, popcorn shrimp, oysters, scallops and delicious deviled crab served with slaw, hush puppies and the choice of baked potato or fries. You should probably make sure you brought your appetite for that one, too,  because it’s a challenge and a great value at $19.99.

If all that is still too much to eat, don’t worry. You can enjoy all your fried favorites one at a time with a platter selection that comes with all the extras, slaw, hush puppies and baked potato or fries.

If a feast is in order, why not?

Sometimes you are just want to eat perfectly fried seafood. Why not go all out with a good fish fry? It’s beach food at its finest. Take a short vacation from boring and pull up a beach chair as you enjoy the perfect day by the sea while you enjoy your family, friends and a good meal. Contact us for more information about our menu.


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